What is the big deal about NETWORKING?

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If you think about it, nothing of any major significance has ever been accomplished by any single person working alone. But rather, all significant success comes from ordinary people each contributing a small amount of value to a team or a goal.
Now, most people would think that Networking is no different to socializing, and while they both happen when two or more people communicate, they are worlds apart. And likewise, the end result is worlds apart.
Socializing does differ between men and women. With men, they each take their turn to talk. Each man shares his story, sticking to the topic, while the rest of the group waits patiently for their turn to talk. With women, they all seem to talk at the same time, and they talk about a multitude of subject at the same time.
Now I could go on for hours about the way people differ in their socializing but I wanted to share how this differs from Networking.
I believe that socializing is when someone leaves a function, and if they feel that they have been listened to, they will say it was a good evening. If however they felt that they were not listened too they will feel disappointed.
Networking is where you have a specific intention and desired outcome at the end of a conversation. You want to leave with a phone number of someone that is interested and waiting for you to call them with the intention of you offering them some sort of solution to a problem that they may have.
Now, while they both occur under similar circumstances, how can you learn to Network, rather than just Socializing.
Follow the following steps,

  1. In socializing, every wants to talk, very few people actually ever listen. My suggestion is listen to what the other person is saying, so that you can offer a solution to a problem that they may have.
  2. Don’t offer the solution then and their, but either get their contact details and say “I will call you tomorrow to share what I found when I had the same situation occur to me.” Or just call them the next day and offer to catch up with them to help them with the issue they were talking about.
  3. Learn to ask leading questions that lead them to give you the answers you are looking for, rather than talking at them.
  4. Get them to buy from you, rather than you trying to sell to them.

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