Meet The Mentors

Chief Mentor Club Mentor – Ronnie Kagan


Ronnie KaganInternationally recognised in the business world, Ronnie Kagan is a renowned businessman, keynote speaker, mentor and coach who has spent the last three decades finding out exactly what does — and doesn’t – work in business and life. His experience and expertise has helped countless individuals achieve their personal success through participation in his coaching and mentoring programs and now he’s joining forces with a team of expert mentors to provide a new, holistic mentoring experience.

Over the past three decades he has built a robust foundation in all areas of business that has become the platform upon which he created and maintains his international success. His diversity has allowed him to understand and excel in businesses across a range of industries, from finance, franchising and business to languages and memorial parks. His accomplishments include being the co-founder of a property development company with an annual turnover in excess of $1 billion per annum, and building one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies in the country — clearly this is a man who walks his talk.

Ronnie has shared his business acumen with business owners all over the world, teaching them how to succeed in a climate that is increasingly demanding, where everyone is under pressure to do more for less’. Ronnie’s practical solutions and innovative systems dramatically increase employee retention and engagement by producing a sustainable win/win culture, centred around the concept of making people accountable for their own engagement and individual success.

What you will learn from Ronnie

Over the course of the program you will benefit from Ronnie’s expertise across a range of business-based topics. During this time you will discover:

  • The four keys to becoming rich, both in time and money
  • Why some businesses succeed but many more fail — and how to be one of the winners
  • How to master the art of delegation and effective time management
  • How to develop a clear and sustainable mission, and how to achieve it
  • How to overcome your self-sabotaging actions and become consistently successful


What Ronnie’s colleagues and clients have to say

‘Ronnie is the ultimate professional, a champion entrepreneur who is able to bring out the best in those who are fortunate to be in his presence.It was an honour presenting alongside Ronnie and I was profoundly moved by his presentation.If you want to learn from the best and step up in your life, both personally and professionally, there is only one person who I would recommend and that is Ronnie Kagan.’

Shelley Taylor-Smith

‘Ronnie is a master of the network. As well as being a successful businessman he is also a very established speaker. His Winning Way in Business book in a very humble way explains his formula for success. What it doesn’t say is how these principles have helped a man with nothing, a man from a tough background, to change his life and turn it around. If you are ever in the fight for your life, Ronnie’s your man.’

Matt Church, Sydney

‘If you want to start learning how to expand your business without sacrificing your life, Ronnie knows what it takes to get the most out of a day, and you would be all the wiser for heeding his advice.The bottom line is that you can’t do it alone. If you want to be a leader, you must establish a team. You must find a way to get your vision seen, implemented and contributed to by others. The leader sees the big picture, but he really needs other leaders to help him make his visions become a reality.’

Allan Pease

‘Many of the principles I have learnt from Ronnie have in fact been the very reason I have been able to fulfil one of my goals of building an international business with clients in over 50 countries around the world.Beyond the personal and intrinsic benefits you will receive as a result of listening to Ronnie, you will also find the mechanics and methodologies of owning and managing a successful business of any size.’

Dr John F DeMartini

‘Ronnie Kagan is a money master. He has extensively and intensively experienced, mastered and wisely teaches the laws of money. Ronnie is a genius who loves to share his expertise in an easy-to-understand, absorbing, easily assimilated and useful way.As author of the internationally best-selling book The Winning Way, I can guarantee Ronnie’s techniques, ideas, insights and challenges. He’ll take you to your next level of financial success, prosperity and abundance. He’ll make your journey one of effortless joy and absolute fulfillment.Ronnie Kagan is one of the all-time great and inspiring teachers, speakers, writers and leaders. I love learning from this wise man. As I’ve introduced my partners and friends to Ronnie, his mind and inspired thinking always stands the proverbial test of time. His big, audacious goal is to have one million students who will positively and effectively impact the world. I believe, I know, and see him doing it.’

Mark H, Sydney



Ivan NurickIvan Nurick

Ivan is an international businessman, executive coach and corporate advisor with over 40 years’ experience. He has established an enviable reputation as a corporate facilitator for strategy, leadership development, teambuilding, and performance improvement. As a researcher, Ivan frequently applies ‘hard data’ from customer, competitor and organisational research to develop simple, yet powerful strategies that deliver results.

He is a highly sought-after executive coach and public speaker, and shares his wealth of expertise with our members, helping them to achieve and exceed their goals and realise their full potential.

Ivan is author of the renowned business novel, Leaders Developing Leaders that is a breakthrough in leadership thinking and application.

He is founder of On Cue Executive Consulting, The Strategy Workshop, Leaders Developing Leaders and Principles Of Success.


What you will learn from Ivan

Over the course of the program you will benefit from Ivan’s expertise across a range of business-based topics. During this time you will discover:

  • The secret formula that guarantees personal and professional success
  • Three ‘soft skills’ that will assist you to better lead people.
  • An approach to effectively lead and manage change
  • How to manage and mitigate contextual risk
  • How to keep your people committed, accountable and engaged
  • How to strategically align your business to extract superior and sustained profitability.


What Ivan’s clients have to say

‘Ivan Nurick is an inspirational, thought provoking business leader and speaker who will take you on a journey that will challenge the way you look at your business and your people.  I have had the pleasure of working with Ivan on numerous occasions and he has helped catapult my business forward through engaging my team and empowering them to think outside their normal operating paradigms and make the impossible seem possible.

David Macgeorge

‘Thank you Ivan! I think you did a fantastic job facilitating a process that was so needed for this company to move ahead as one. It definitely went over and beyond what I was expecting and was something that I will take away as a great experience in my own personal growth as well as one that we as a company desperately needed to do. 

Ben Loke

‘Thank you for your work! You bring together some very strong personalities and drive us in directions we are unsure of but end up displaying for us some reality we often don’t have access to in the back of our mind! Thanks again and looking forward to planning the divisional year/years ahead.’

Grant Plummer
‘I have had exposure to training before and can categorically say this was the best program I have ever had the privilege to be included in. For the past five years I have read everything I could ever put my hands on in terms of management and leadership’.

Carolyn Landesman

‘Over the weekend I reflected on our workshop which I found to be personally very insightful.  I always find you challenge and provoke thought and ideas however this workshop was profound for me, so a very heart-felt thank you’. 

Cathy Neagle

‘Thank you so much for your guidance and insight. It is really making a difference in the way I approach so many things in my life

Felicia Mariani

‘I have known Ivan as a business consultant for eighteen years and engaged him several times for several different companies over the period. He is a highly skilled management consultant that uses a wide range of materials to help companies build strategies, processes, teams and sustainable long-term platforms for business growth. Ivan goes about his work in a thoughtful and professional manner, and with a wonderfully engaging personality that facilitates positive outcomes to complex business issues. I recommend Ivan as a management consultant in a wide range of industries as his methods and tools adapt to most businesses.’  

Simon Barlow