The value of your investment in TMC

When making any kind of investment you need to know two things — first, that you’re getting true value for money, and second, what kind of return you can expect on your investment.

Here’s what to expect from The Mentor Club as you work through the program to achieve your outcomes and reach your potential:


 12 monthly face-to-face mentoring sessions with professional experts
 Personal blueprint for success and step-by-step action plan to implement it
 Ongoing monthly facilitator support
 Bonus CDs, DVDs and books
 Monthly online supplementary educational materials
 Bonus one-on-one personal mentoring sessions
 50% discount for entry to all major Mentor Club events


While there are a range of great programs available, the fact is that none of them can match the level of commitment and support that The Mentor Club provides — and in most cases, these programs only focus on a single topic rather than covering the broad range of topics that are essential to ensure your complete success.

Bonus gifts and added extras
Not only will membership qualify you to attend each of these sessions, you will also receive invaluable additional benefits as a Mentor Club member to a total value of $49
,740, $11,790, $5,790 and $900 for Titanium, Gold Silver and Bronze members respectively.

Bonus Gift #1 — valued at over $600!
Each month you will receive a book or CD specially selected to enhance your education and growth. These resources will become the basis of the knowledge database we will encourage you to build throughout the year.

Bonus Gift #2 — valued at $800!
One year’s free membership to The Mentor Club forum, providing you with priceless access to our Mentors and other Mentor Club members in between your face-to-face sessions. The forum provides a secure environment in which to network, discuss topics, and both give and receive support.

Bonus Gift #3 — valued at over $500!
Free admission to a One Day Road to Wealth workshop, with an additional bonus of a 50 per cent discount for any friend or family member who attends with you!

Bonus Gift #4 — valued at $395!
Twelve instalments of our supplementary online educational support materials and additional assignments, designed to complement your mentor coaching sessions.

Added extras

  • 50 per cent discount to all The Mentor Club major events, with an additional 25 per cent for your family and friends.
  • 20 per cent discount on all of The Mentor Club products such as CDs, DVDs and books.• Discounts on the products and services of individual mentors.• Early release notification for specific investment opportunities in areas such as property and shares, with a potential saving of over $15,000!

All prices are in AUD

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