The Winning Way in Business

The winning Way

Is it possible to make serious money in business and still have a life? If this question has ever crossed your mind, you are not alone! Millions of business owners struggle to find the balance between their personal and professional lives.

One man who has mastered this art is Ronnie Kagan. Once Ronnie worked 100 hours per week to run his billion-dollar company. Today, he still has his businesses plus a life and is only working ten hours per week.

As the ultimate example to others, Ronnie has trained over 100,000 people in seven countries. Now he is ready to share his secret of success with you.

In this book, you will discover….

  • Why some businesses succeed, but many more fail
  • How to master the art of delegation and effective time management
  • Four keys to becoming rich, both in time as well as money
  • How to overcome cash flow issues
  • How to lead from the front, get out from under your business, and get on top of it
  • How to motivate your staff so that they enjoy coming to work
  • How to eliminate conflict and resolve pressure, both at work and at home

Whether you are a CEO of a publicly listed company or a small business owner, if you’re ready to win in business and in life, reading this book is a must.


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Leaders Developing Leaders

Leaders Developing Leaders Book

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Most organizations are over managed and under led.  In our global  research of over fifty industries, three critical issues reoccur.  How to:

1. Attract and retain the right  people;
2. Keep people engaged; and
3. Build capability that sets the organization apart.

These issues are addressed through the Predictive Leadership Model (PLM).

You will experience Bryan Burton’s emotional rollercoaster as he learns three Leadership Perspectives; develops three critical ‘soft’ skills; applies his knowledge situationally whilst teaching his Followers.

If you are a person who leads a team that wants to make a lasting difference, then Leaders Developing Leaders is for you.


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