Ultimate Success Bootcamp

This intensive 2 day program has been carefully formatted to fast track YOUR business success. You’ll learn about these expert strategies (and a lot more…)


  • How to overcome the single biggest constraint to profitability and growth
  • The 10 Universal Laws of Success in Business
  • The 7 Universal Laws of Wealth Creation
  • 5 easy tips to start a business; or acquire additional businesses
  • The daily disciplines – the difference between success and failure in business
  • How to find a great business
  • The 7 BIGGEST mistakes made in business
  • How to overcome the limiting factor in your business – SALES!

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Ultimate Success

The Mentor Club’s PROVEN strategies will show you in 2 days what takes other business owners YEARS to learn. Also discussed will be:


  • Formulating exit strategies: how to ensure you sell for what you’re worth
  • Protecting your assets – a step by step approach to ensuring you’re not ‘left out in the cold’ if something goes wrong.
  • Developing a Business Plan that you’ll actually USE, not something that sits on the bookshelf collecting dust.
  • The five key levers of a SERIOUSLY effective Operations Manual.
  • Fool proof methods for systemising and automating your business – run your business, don’t let it run you!

Register for this event NOW. Click here >>
Additional Boot Camps will be scheduled upon request

i. Course Leaders
  The Program is run by Ronnie Kagan and Ivan Nurick
ii. Location
  The Boot Camp is held in Sydney.
iii. Dates
  The next program is scheduled for the 14th and 15th of December 2013.
Additional Boot Camps will be scheduled upon request
iv. Investment
  Your investment in the 2 Day Boot Camp is $1,950.00 which includes all workshop materials. Teas and lunches will be provide




If you are not satisfied with your results, the Mentor Club offers you a 100% money back guarantee, subject to the terms and conditions

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